Farewell Spanish RetreatTue 29 Aug, 2017
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I have been practising yoga for 18 years and teaching for 16 years.  The first news letter was issued January 2010 which  progressed to a blog - My Yoga Journey in Oct 2015 which I still think is worth reading. This month I became 66 years young and have decided that it is time to kick back a little and practise what I preach:  'I must not be too busy making... read more on Farewell Spanish Retreat

Yoga and the moonSun 06 Aug, 2017
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The Moon and Yoga In the Astanga tradition it is said that 'moon days' (full and new) are for resting.  This is largely ignored in the West perhaps because not all yogis practise daily and therefore the rest is not necessary. Eclipses This month there is a partial lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse to be seen if we are blessed with clear... read more on Yoga and the moon

Why yoga worksWed 08 Mar, 2017
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Well what a few weeks it has been:  storm Doris, solar flares, solar eclipse and powerful full moon - it has all been going on. Looking ahead, the vernal equinox and first day of spring is on 20th March, on Saturday 25th we move to British Summer Time, Sunday 26th Mothers' Day takes centre stage, and Easter follows shortly after 14 - 17 April. So, if you are... read more on Why yoga works

The Invitation & Krishna DasWed 18 Jan, 2017
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This year I will have practising yoga for 18 years and teaching full time for last 14 years.  During my years of teaching and writing newsletters and a blog I have often talked about the importance of the breath and smiling as this enables us to 'arrive' in our practice, or to put it in modern parlance, it gives us head space but it is not just the breath and... read more on The Invitation & Krishna Das

The Fuzz Speech and smilingMon 16 Jan, 2017
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Dear Yogis/Yoginis I wish you a prosperous and Happy New Year. I always find it strange that we make new year resolutions. What a great start to a New year – we often set ourselves unrealistic then beat ourselves up as we may not have achieved it all. This really does not make any sense to me but if you have set yourself targets I truly wish you every... read more on The Fuzz Speech and smiling

Think of othersSun 30 Oct, 2016
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Dear Yogis/Yoginis, If you are thinking about joining me in Spain next year you may wish to nab a bargain; book before 31st December to get a 10% discount.  Do not hesitate, over 50% of places are already booked and flight prices are only likely to increase as time goes by. For all bookings I make a donation to Give a dog a home Rescue Malaga. Retreat dates for 2017... read more on Think of others

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