Yoga and the moon

BY les | Sun 06 Aug, 2017

The Moon and Yoga

In the Astanga tradition it is said that 'moon days' (full and new) are for resting.  This is largely ignored in the West perhaps because not all yogis practise daily and therefore the rest is not necessary.


This month there is a partial lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse to be seen if we are blessed with clear skies

Swift-Tuttle and Perseids

The Perseids meteor shower happens every August as the Earth collides with cosmic debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle, which to me sounds like a Hobbit character . This year the Perseids will be visible from July 17 to Aug. 24, with a peak during the overnight hours of Aug. 11-12, and also Aug. 12-13.



Wed 20/9 - Sat 23/9   AND   Wed 4/10 - Sat 7/10

A recent testimonial "Belated huge thank you for the most beautiful yoga retreat.  It was like a dream coming true to actually be at your retreat after all these years of having heard about it... I can hardly put into words how Simon and I experienced your special place on the planet - it was simply dream like. the morning practise starting by watching the sun rise about those glorious hills in an image that will stay with us both... we really didn't want to leave."

The Importance of Moola Bandha - The Root Lock

The bandhas are described as 'internal locks' in the yoga tradition.  Moola bandha, crudely described,  is engaged by a lifting of the perineal muscles and pelvic floor, although with practise this becomes more subtle and used to contain and direct 'Prana' - life force.  I was delighted to hear Moola Bandha mentioned on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour in the first 10 minutes, an interview on urogenital health.  There is also a very good book on called Moola Bandha  The Master Key. Yoga rocks.


Book of the Month

Gillian Gill is a dear friend.  She has written an autobiographical account of her experience of self healing after being diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer that had metastasised to the liver.  The outlook was grim as was the palliative treatment on offer.  Against all conventional advice she chose her own path and is alive, well and full of vitality over 10 years later.  The Book is called 'Take Control and Live: Surviving Ovarian Cancer.

Please wherever possible try to support your independent book seller.

Yours in Yoga



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