Blog posts from 'August 2017'

Farewell Spanish RetreatTue 29 Aug, 2017
TAGS: yoga, spain, retreat

I have been practising yoga for 18 years and teaching for 16 years.  The first news letter was issued January 2010 which  progressed to a blog - My Yoga Journey in Oct 2015 which I still think is worth reading. This month I became 66 years young and have decided that it is time to kick back a little and practise what I preach:  'I must not be too busy making... read more on Farewell Spanish Retreat

Yoga and the moonSun 06 Aug, 2017
TAGS: yoga, retreat, spanish

The Moon and Yoga In the Astanga tradition it is said that 'moon days' (full and new) are for resting.  This is largely ignored in the West perhaps because not all yogis practise daily and therefore the rest is not necessary. Eclipses This month there is a partial lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse to be seen if we are blessed with clear... read more on Yoga and the moon

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