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Think of othersSun 30 Oct, 2016
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Dear Yogis/Yoginis, If you are thinking about joining me in Spain next year you may wish to nab a bargain; book before 31st December to get a 10% discount.  Do not hesitate, over 50% of places are already booked and flight prices are only likely to increase as time goes by. For all bookings I make a donation to Give a dog a home Rescue Malaga. Retreat dates for 2017... read more on Think of others

Why do yogaWed 30 Mar, 2016
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Q:  Why do Yoga?   A: Why not! Yoga brings about measurable changes in the body’s sympathetic nervous system (SNS) – the one charged with propelling us into action during the “fight or flight” response to stress. However, because we have busy lives our stress response often lingers in the “on” position.  Yoga helps... read more on Why do yoga

My Spanish Yoga adventureSun 15 Nov, 2015
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In December 2002 I went to Kovlam India to study Ashtanga under Lino Miele. It was New Years eve and I was on the beach when I had a life changing moment;  I realised I could no longer work for the bank, I felt I needed a more ethical path and the only thing I wanted to do was to teach Yoga.  I wanted to teach in a warm country which had to be accessible from the UK... read more on My Spanish Yoga adventure

Musings of a Happy YogiTue 01 Apr, 2014
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Having just come back from 4 days at my idyllic Andalician mountain retreat I would like to share pictures of the local village of Comares where we were last Friday. The definition of a Yogi is Someone who leaves a place a little nicer than when they arrive - this will certainly apply to Dave Swenson with whom I did my teacher training with in November 2001. Although I have... read more on Musings of a Happy Yogi

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