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Sun Salutations - why do we do them?Wed 27 Apr, 2016
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Sun Salutations – why do we do them? Love ‘em or hate ‘em they are an integral part of Ashtanga yoga.  We do them to warm the body at the beginning of the practice but also for the positive effect on respiration, circulation and the nervous system.  The movement keeps the spine supple and offers a stretch through the ribs and hips, lengthening... read more on Sun Salutations - why do we do them?

Enjoyable Yoga PracticeMon 22 Feb, 2016
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The Sanskrit word for a yoga pose is Asana. Sanskrit scholars variously translate this word to mean "a comfortable or effortless position." How many of you have often found a posture both uncomfortable and requiring much effort. This month I will give you a few ideas to make your practice both more comfortable requiring less effort so you enjoy your practice... read more on Enjoyable Yoga Practice

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