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Yogatone, yoga at home DVDI think that yoga is one of the greatest things you can do, but you will only do it if you enjoy it. I hope to make your yoga enjoyable

This DVD is suitable for both the beginner and people who have done yoga before. Having taught many people over a number of years I find that the two most common reasons people do not practice at home is they cannot remember the sequence or do not have the time... Hopefully this DVD will remove these obstacles.

If you still have a problem finding the time to practice you could just do the Sun Salutations and the relaxation which would only take about 10 minutes!

Ujjayi - Victorious Breathing, clip from the DVD


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Les guides you through the basics...

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What you say about Yogatone

Just a wee email to say thank you for your Yogatone News.  I love it - there is always a wee gem in there!  Hope all is well with you and that you have a lovely new year.  I still tell everyone about my wonderful time in Comares at your retreat last April.  I practise far more now than for years and can do things I thought I`d never manage again. Im an Ashtanga convert thanks to you and have managed to talk a few old yoga buddies to start practising again too.  

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